Professional experience since 1992 :
Timber structure, menuiserie Mejean (CMM) in St Gengoux le National. Menuiserie La boutique à bois in St Martin la Patrouille. Mr Bricolage in Paray le Monial, stretched ceiling installation. Recla in Digoin, interior design and fittings in boats. Ducerf in Charolles, preparation of glue-laminated timber.

Training :
Btech Cabinetmaker HNC
Building and design layout, structure, fittings, carpentry.
SIGA Academy Atelier SIGA training " Airtight & windproof building insulation ".
Timber frame construction wood-level 2 training Limoges University recognized by CNDB.
Training course preparation on CMA installation.

Schools :
Professional College Benoît Fourneyron 42100 Saint Etienne
Wood College 39330 Mouchard
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Certificat Qualibat RGE

Etymology : borrowed from the italian artigiano, derived from the Latin ars, artis (" art "). Originally the "artisan" is the one who puts his art at the service of others.
A person who practices a mechanical or manual trade who follows the rules of an established art; who is the author, the starting point of something.